Browser-based sci-fi war mmorpg - Build your space empire and dominate the galaxy alone or with an alliance to reign supreme in the browser-based futuristic war simulator world of OGame

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Game overview

Developed and published by Gameforge back in 2000, OGame is a web browser and text-based sci-fi war simulator and MMO that many consider to be the "lite" version of EVE Online.

With no visual animations and sounds, the game functions using only texts and graphics. At the beginning, players are thrown into the game and will own a single planet, and they will have to master the concept of resource management and empire building in order to progress and become a force in the galaxy. The game's learning curve is steep but there are plenty of tutorials and guides within and outside the game to assist players.

The main objective of OGame is to be the most dominant emperor in the galaxy with a strong space empire spanning multiple planets and a large armada of ships as an army. The game features exciting PVP with other real players and they have the option to form alliances with a group of players to strategically co-ordinate raids and defenses.

For a veteran browser game, OGame is still going strong as the community is still large and the game is regularly updated with more content expansions being released. There is a cash shop to buy premium currency but there isn't a dire need to get them.

Overall, OGame is a simple and strategic game that can offer space war fans with weeks of enjoyment, especially with friends.

➔ Main points:

  • Text-based browser space MMORPG
  • Addictive resource management
  • Strategic empire building
  • Exciting real time PVP warfare
  • Form alliances to rule the galaxy together

Full review

Welcome To Space

The main screen will be your central hub where you can access the various different gameplay systems plus see an overview of your empire and resources

Have you ever wanted to play a lighter version of EVE Online on your web browser for free? If the answer is yes, then OGame may be the game you're looking for. Developed and released by Gameforge in 2000, OGame is a text-based browser MMO that let's you build a space empire in real time.

After logging in for the first time, players are greeted with a simple UI on the screen that's chock-full of game play features and things may feel overwhelming at first, but a tutorial is there to help you ease your way into OGame.

Players start off their empire with just one planet that's randomly placed in the galaxy, and must develop it by adding resource producing buildings, building a fleet of ships and planetary defenses to prepare for gameplay that will eventually come, such as raiding, conquering more planets and expansion, which are all part of the game's progression.

Expect to be clicking your mouse a lot as there are so many navigational menus to visit, and each one takes you to a dedicated landing page for a certain aspect of gameplay. The nice thing is that all the core mechanics can be conveniently accessed from the main screen, and it won't be difficult to navigate to important areas such as Overview, Resources and Research.

Diamonds Are Forever

The majority of OGame's gameplay will focus on resource management, as the various resources harvested from your home world planet will be the currency required to build more buildings and units. The three main resources are Metal, Crystal and Deuterium, which will be collected automatically per minute provided players have built the mines.

Energy is a secondary resource that's just as important, as it will be needed in order for resource producing mines to function efficiently. Lack of energy also means that you won't be able to construct new facilities so it's important to keep energy in surplus where possible.

OGame will test your resource management skills, as every action and upgrade will require a combination of resources. The best players strategize and plan their construction sequences ahead of time, as building and upgrading will take real time to complete. If you enjoy this aspect in games, you will definitely find the resource management addictive.

There's also a premium currency called Dark Matter that players can purchase with real money. Dark Matter can be used to auto complete construction, purchase upgrades and recruit officers if players do not want to use valuable resources.

The best players strategize and plan their construction sequences ahead of time, as building and upgrading will take real time to complete.

How Combat Works

Input the coordinates, the number of ships to send out to combat, and watch the battle unfold in text. You will have to wait for the fleet to get there first though.

PVP is the main attraction of OGame, and combat will determine if your empire's fleet is the strongest in the universe. When it comes to battles, things get a little complicated but once you grasp the basics, it becomes easier.

The first thing players will need is to build a shipyard facility on their planet which will construct star ships. There's a good variety of vessels ranging from faster scout ships to larger warships. The best ships for combat will be the latter, and they will form the bulk of your space fleet.

Once you have a decent fleet that's combat ready, deciding what to do next is just half of the fun - you can scout nearby planets to find suitable expansion planets, or raid another player's home world and fleet for the rich resources.

Whichever you decide, you need to take note of the in-game co-ordinates of your target, as you will need to input them to send your fleet to that location. As there are no graphics or animation, the fleet will move on it's own in real time and the duration of the journey will depend on the distance to your target.

This makes the game feel very realistic and thrilling, as your excitement builds while anticipating how the battle will go. When your fleet arrives, battles will take place on its own without your involvement, but you can read the real time report on proceedings.

To decide the outcome, the game will take into consideration the attacker's fleet strength versus the defender's fleet strength, and or planetary defenses if you are attacking another planet. The battle is then simulated until one side is destroyed, or the player has decided to call in a retreat.

While players may only be bystanders during combat, it's still exciting nevertheless, as you witness the fruits of your strategic labor unfold before you.

The End Game

Resources are needed to build and upgrade structures, as well as for purchasing ships for your fleet

OGame isn't all about resources and combat however, and players have more progression verticals to consider. Firstly, players can continuously develop their planets through research, and there are plenty of items to unlock which will award players with more boosts to their empire.

The other option is to forge alliances, and this is where comparisons with Eve Online rings true as grouping and forging alliances with other players opens up the social aspect of OGame which is also great fun.

Joining or creating an alliance encourages group strategy and coordination among members to embark on raids and planet attacks which significantly increase your chances of winning. But beware, enemy alliances will retaliate and all hell could break loose as both alliances will battle each other to determine who reigns supreme. If that doesn't sound fun to you, then this game is definitely not for you.


OGame may be 16 years old but it's managed to stay alive and healthy because of its multiple core gameplay mechanics that are solid which players have come to love about games of this genre.

The resource management aspect provides good fun especially if you know what you're doing, and will enjoy the hard work later on in the game when you're able to send a thousand strong fleet of ships to decimate an enemy player's planet to call your own.

Combat is exciting as you read how the battle unfolds, although it is a little disappointing that players can't see it animated with graphics or sound. That said, it's still an area of OGame that players will spend majority of their time, especially if they're part of an alliance that is active.

Overall, OGame is a great strategy and resource simulator that can be played on your browser for free. If you can look past the text-based gameplay and get immersed in the long journey of building up your space empire, then you'll find plenty of enjoyment to be had in this veteran browser game.

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Graphics: plain text and images
PvP: guild or factions PvP all vs all
Cash shop influence: low
Exp rate: slow

With years of experience, OGame is still the premium browser and text-based game that space warmongers go to for hours of fun, as the game's addictive resource management and thrilling PVP is still as exciting as it was in the year 2000.

What We Liked..

User friendly

Excellent war and resource sim

Exciting social PVP gameplay

.. and what we didn't

Slow progression rate

Lack of graphics and visuals

No sounds and music

Fun factor
3.5 out of 5
4.0 out of 5
2.5 out of 5
For Real Fans

Review summary

  1. Welcome To Space
  2. Diamonds Are Forever
  3. How Combat Works
  4. The End Game
  5. Conclusion

What we liked..

User friendly
Excellent war and resource sim
Exciting social PVP gameplay

.. and what we didn't

Slow progression rate
Lack of graphics and visuals
No sounds and music
Graphics - 50 / 100
Fun factor - 70 / 100
Longevity - 70 / 100
Originality - 70 / 100
Community - 80 / 100

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