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Game overview

Trove is a free to play voxel-based MMO that while inspired by Minecraft, offers tons of features that makes it stand out on its own. Players can play between any of the 16 classes available and jump into sandbox worlds to create, destroy or whatever else they want to do in the game's many modes available. Gameplay is fluid enough to pick up even for casuals, and offers good social systems to ensure that playing together is as much fun as going it alone. The cash store offers no significant advantages, and it's a great alternative to the almighty Minecraft.

➔ Main points:

  • Free to play voxel game that's very popular
  • 16 classes available to level and swap to on one character
  • Non-intrusive cash shop that's also fairly priced
  • Great combat system and content available
  • Excellent modding support and community

Full review

An Introduction to Trove

There's nothing like a good, colorful voxel world to game in and Trove delivers on all fronts.

Trove is a free to play, voxel-based MMO from Gamigo Games. Released in 2015, Trove offers endless opportunities within its pixel worlds for players to let their imaginations run wild. You can create, build or explore biomes and land mass that you've either built or choose to visit creations made by others, and within these worlds, adventures await. The game uses a reticule action combat system, and has plenty of class archetypes for every play style.

Gameplay Overview

When Minecraft arrived on the gaming scene, it introduced players to voxel worlds, defined by its cubic art style and world building. Ever since, plenty of games have been released in similar mold, and Trove is one of them. The game lets you create an avatar and begin your journey with one of the sixteen classes available, like the more traditional melee Warrior, or the ranged Gunslinger to name a few. Combat feels really good and fun in Trove, thanks to its action type mechanics. You'll aim at monsters and enemies using a reticule, then fire off basic attacks and skills on your hotbar. It plays very much like any good RPG out there so you'll be familiar with it in no time.

The two most important aspects in a voxel game like Trove is to know about its many modes. Within the brief combat tutorial, you're shown how to battle and use your skills, but more importantly, you'll also learn about how to leverage the environment to build. In any Trove world, players will have access to build mode. When toggled, you can break down cubes, build blocks, plant, craft, harvest crafting materials and more. This is the mode you'll want to be in if you're inspired to create some masterful works of art. However it is just as important to know when to switch back into combat mode, since danger is always prevalent in unknown worlds.

The PvE and PvP

Crafting could perhaps be the most important thing in-game.

But before that, how does one get onto a world to begin with? Well, right after the introduction tutorial, the game immediately pushes you to select an activity from a choice of two: Go Adventure or Bomber Royale. Go Adventure is the classic Trove experience. In here, players can create worlds and have fun in pre-existing adventures, or can visit their friend's voxel worlds to adventure together instead for some PvE fun, or controlled PvP if you wish. Its in here that you'll be doing most of your Class and Character progression, like earning levels, getting gear, and of course, crafting and building.

Bomber Royale on the other hand, is a new free battle royale PvP experience, using Trove's fun combat system with some additional quirks. You'll still have the usual battle royale mechanics with some building elements thrown in, but it's faster paced and is beneficial if you're good - you get goodies that you can take back with you unto your personal world too. What's important to note here is that players are given the freedom to jump into any of these two PvE and PvP modes anytime they want, so they're not locked into a mode during a play session.

The MMO Aspects

With a game like Trove, playing with friends and others online is a crucial part of the experience. The good news is, the game gives you all the tools to have fun together seamlessly. The social options are fantastic, and its easily accesses from the main menu in which you can find all the other sub-menus for the game. Players can create or join Clubs which are basically guilds. Clubs has their own worlds and access to Club crafting, Club recipes and more. Therefore, it's best to join as soon as possible to share the benefits and reap the rewards together.

For character progression, Trove utilizes a multi-class leveling system that's uncommon for MMOs. See, your singular avatar can access and swap to any of the 16 classes available in-game, if you have them unlocked. Each class has its own level progression, so you'll need to level them up individually, and acquire the proper gear and weapons for them as well. These can either be found on enemies as loot, crafted using the crafting station, or bought from the marketplace. While it sounds like a grind, the freedom to swap play styles is a big benefit for players who want to enjoy the game fully. Besides leveling all classes, Trove offers plenty of side things to challenge yourself in like its huge Collection system, which is an achievement meta that stores information of all the things you've come across in-game like materials, cosmetics, badges and more. This is more for completionists, but it does have some cool rewards to snag if you're a casual player. For the more competitive player, the Leaderboards are where it's at - the top players in competitive worlds, crafting, collections and Bomber Royale will show up here.

Does Cash Store Matter?

Did someone say 16 classes!?

Like most free to play MMO titles, there is a in-game cash store on Trove. Upon closer inspection, you'll find it mostly in-line with how the game's progression system works especially for classes. For example, you can optionally choose to purchase Class Booster packs that offer bonus XP and other goodies like cosmetics for leveling a particular class. While the pricing is fair, keep in mind you will need to purchase the premium currency in order to actually purchase these goods. Additionally, if you want an optional monthly subscription-like plan, Trove does offer it on a monthly plan, and you can even select shorter time duration if you want to save money. The sub comes with small benefits, buffs and boosts. Overall, it doesn't reek of pay to win so if that's your concern then you have nothing to worry about.

Final Thoughts on Trove

Ever since its launch, Trove has been a solid alternative to Minecraft, and its popularity and player numbers still hold up today. The free to play is generous for the casual player, and even hardcore voxel enthusiasts will appreciate the level of world building and class grinds available to keep them occupied for the long haul. The modding support and in-game community are additional big benefits to consider, and perhaps the only down side is that the game isn't as popular as Minecraft, but that makes it more of a gem for those who want a secondary game to play, filled with sandbox worlds offering the same cubic fun.

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Graphics: full 3D
PvP: guild or factions PvE PvP
Cash shop influence: average
Exp rate: medium

If it isn't the 16 class multi-leveling, or the fact that it has an in-built battle royale mode using Trove features, then the official modding support and community takes the cake. Modding in Trove is a real treat and will expand your enjoyment of the game many times over.

What We Liked..

Easy to pick up and play

Large player population

Plenty of classes

Excellent modding support and community

.. and what we didn't

PvP can be a hit or miss

Fun factor
4.0 out of 5
4.0 out of 5
4.0 out of 5
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Review summary

  1. An Introduction to Trove
  2. Gameplay Overview
  3. The PvE and PvP
  4. The MMO Aspects
  5. Does Cash Store Matter?
  6. Final Thoughts on Trove

What we liked..

Easy to pick up and play
Large player population
Plenty of classes
Excellent modding support and community

.. and what we didn't

PvP can be a hit or miss
Graphics - 80 / 100
Fun factor - 80 / 100
Longevity - 80 / 100
Originality - 80 / 100
Community - 80 / 100

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